Rare Africa Travel is Back!

The Strickland family is happy to announce that their safari company, Rare Africa Travel, is now back in action! The pandemic posed several obvious roadblocks for our travel company, but as things finally return to normal we are happy to be accepting clients for the end of 2021 and throughout 2022 and beyond. Rare Africa Travel was set up to help small businesses and independent guides in Tanzania (home of the Serengeti) by organizing and planning photo safaris and Kilimanjaro treks on their behalf.  We are excited to host the extended McDonald Family for a photo Safari to bring in the new year, and two World Vision International trips in 2022: a Kili Trek / photo Safari combination, and a photo Safari that will finish with a 4 day service project in the village of Lolkisale – home of Rare Africa’s water project that was funded by Rotary International and kind donors.

We are currently trying to grow our network and would greatly appreciate any help we could get from you. As you may have seen, we have been consistently posting on both Instagram and Facebook. Sharing our platforms with your broader network would be incredibly helpful to the company and would help us get the ball rolling again. Also, if you know of any friend or relative that is looking for a one of a kind travel experience, we would love for you to point them in our direction!

How You Can Help!

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram, where we post regularly throughout the week. Sharing these platforms is a fantastic way to help us reach more potential clients. Another great way to spread the word is to share our website through social media or email with anyone you may know who may be interested.

Thank you! If you have any questions at all, reply and let us know.
We appreciate your support! 

Rare Africa Travel and The Stricklands